Hi, i Am Bud.

I grew up in a middle-class family, went to a middle-class school, lived Smallin a middle-class neighborhood, and had middle-class friends. We couldn't afford to pay for college so I joined the military.

  • a retired Police Officer and a retired USAF military officer.

  • the former Mayor of Cinnaminson, NJ.

  • a real estate investor and licensed agent who operates in NJ and Pittsburgh, PA, with single and multi-family homes.

  • a former Real Estate Investment Coach for Tarek El Moussa. He still teaches the BRRRR method, Residential and Commercial Multifamily Analysis, Velocity and Infinite banking and is a certified mindset coach.

  • has underwritten over $100 million in deals and created a multi-million dollar personal portfolio.

  • is the President of Aim High Properties, LLC. Aim High operates eight subordinate companies ranging from rental properties, to property management, to hair salons.

Here are some of my companies & investments

Let's bring you to the next level of your real estate journey .

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Rolando Salas

Bud is an incredible person to work with, huge experience, and fully committed to you and your projects, his guidance goes beyond any other consulting and will provide an objective approach to what is needed based on your needs, always looking to what is best for you, he is clear that your success is also his success. Very open and transparent at all times. You will see this since day 1 working with him.

Ellen Shapiro Shmueli

Senica Property Group, LLC

Bud Evans Consulting offers amazing assistance and information! I highly recommend!

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