Meet the Coaches

Coach Jen Josey

Jen Josey is the founder and creator of REIGN: The Real Estate Investor Growth Network. She and her husband, Vance, own Jolific Homes, Jolific Properties, Jolific Construction, and The Acorn Agency, an investor-friendly brokerage in Raleigh, NC along with being seasoned Short Term Rental hosts. Jen is a coach, speaker, podcaster, and author of
From Beginner to Badass, Unlock the Next Level of Real Estate Investing. Jen is a Certified Canfield Trainer, Knowledge Business Broker, NLP Practitioner, and Certified Professional Life Coach.

Coach Cheryl O'Hearn

Cheryl O'Hearn began her real estate investing career in 2007 with her husband as they began building their rental portfolio. She is a full time Entrepreneur and has Coached over 5,000 Real Estate Investing students across the country. In 2020, she expanded her Coaching Business to include NLP Based Mindset and Performance Coaching to help real estate investors achieve success more quickly.

Coach Rob McIntosh

Rob McIntosh Sr. is a successful business owner and entrepreneur. In 2001, Rob became involved in real estate and co-founded Arcane Properties LLC with his son Bob. They have been involved in all aspects of real estate such as fix & flip properties, rentals units of all sizes and commercial properties.

Coach Lisa Romano

Lisa Romano is a real estate investor, realtor, coach and mentor. Lisa is a native of Connecticut and a graduate of University of Connecticut. Prior to starting her real estate career, Lisa has had a very successful career where she developed and marketed financial services software for major international corporations, holding various executive management positions at global companies.

Coach Phil Tudor

Phil Tudor has a very extensive background and upbringing in the construction industry from the mentoring and guidance of his father who ran a construction company for 30+ years, and is now in code enforcement and a building inspector. In 2015 Phil founded his own construction, landscaping and painting business which he still operates today.

Coach Bud Evans

Bud served as a military officer with the USAF serving with the Pennsylvania Air National Guard and has been called to service over 10 times. He retired after 35 years of service in 2022. He’s an investor, licensed agent and essentialist. Bud currently operates in NJ and Pittsburgh, PA with single family homes. He has completed 10 flips and over 20 wholesales over the past 2 years. He’s making the move into the commercial multifamily market and just went to contract on a 6 unit property. His areas of interest in Multi-Family are Texas, Oklahoma City, and Florida.

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