Welcome to REI Roundtable –

Where Real Estate Dreams Take Flight

This group is your gateway to a community of like-minded

real estate investors, where collaboration, support, and growth are at the core of everything we do.

Meet your Coaches,

Jen Josey and Bud Evans

The brains between the REIGN Network and

Aim High REI Group

Intimate Support Network

This is where you're not just another member, but a vital part of a thriving community.

Network & Grow

Build valuable connections that go beyond mere contacts. Forge partnerships, share insights, and learn from those who are on the same journey.


Stay sharp and focused with group accountability. We’re all here to succeed, and together, we ensure nobody falls behind.

Real Advice from

Real People

Get actionable, no-nonsense advice from peers who've been in the trenches. Our members bring diverse, real-world experiences to the table.

Dynamic & Spontaneous

Our minimal structure allows for organic interactions and discussions, catering to a wide range of interests and strategies in real estate.

What's included in your subscription:

  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group

  • Live sessions every Tuesday with Coaches and seasoned investors

  • Networking opportunities with a diverse group of investors

  • Special discounts on real estate tools and resources

This is not just another group;

it’s an intimate circle where real connections and real progress happen.

Important Note:

Please add your PREFERRED EMAIL ADDRESS for Zoom Invites and your FACEBOOK NAME so we can easily add you to the REI Roundtable Facebook Group.

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